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Software Development Training With PHP

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This is our foremost training in software development. The training is practice-oriented, there will be a tutor lead section, class programming session, and a project development session. Every student will be expected to complete a project using the techniques learned during the training.
Software Development Training With Javascript
During the course of this training, we will take an in-depth look at JavaScript and it’s React, Redux, Node.js, and MongoDB. Students will learn to build a full-stack JavaScript application that will be hosted live on Heroku.

They will start with a blank editor and end with a web app.
Android Mobile App Development Training
This training is focused on teaching how to build an Android application from scratch, the skill set you will acquire in this training will help you in other aspects of Software Development. In this training, the participant will learn Java, XML, SQLite and Android Framework
Software Development Training With Python
The participant will learn how to build software using Python, Django Framework and many more front end technologies.

Training will be a focus on using the latest version of Python. They will learn Front-End technologies such as HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap 4, JavaScript and jQuery.


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