Computer Animation

The course is divided into three sections namely 3D Modelling & Animations Fundamental, Digital Sculpting Fundamental and Professional courses with the area of specialisations.

The Fundamental courses are the starting point for any beginner and it is designed to cover all the foundational skill required to create and animate engaging 3D objects.

The advanced courses are designed for professionals who had previously understood the basic of modelling, sculpting and animations with Autodesk Maya and Zbrush.

Prerequisite: Intending student for this course must have the fundamental skill of the working of Microsoft or Mac operating system and must be able to navigate around the computer.
The course covers the core Maya skills such as modelling, texturing, rendering, and animation. It starts with the basics of selecting and manipulating objects and organizing scenes, as you learn the interface and explore Maya’s features. The course takes you through polygonal modelling, creating and refining meshes, sculpting, and NURBS modelling. The course will also teach you how to create and apply materials to surfaces adding colour, texture, and reflectivity. The course also delves into virtual cameras set up, lighting, and depth-of-field effects into the rendering process, using the built-in software renderer, mental ray, and the new Arnold for Maya renderer. The course will also teach you how to add movement and life to your work with Maya’s animation tools such as graph editor, HumanIK, Dope Sheet etc. Animators, Modeller and Rigger work primarily in the following industries:

✅ Motion Picture and Broadcasting Industries
✅ Advertising, Public Relations, and Related Services
✅ Computer Systems Design and Related Services
✅ Specialized Design Services
✅ Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing
✅ Animation production studios
✅ Film and video production facilities
✅ Automobile Conceptualization and Design
✅ Gaming companies
✅ Cartoon networks
✅ Advertising agencies
✅ Web design firms
✅ Graphic design firms
✅ Mobile technology companies
✅ Training modules
✅ Interior & Landscaping Design.


At the end of the course students should be able to model and apply texture, setup rig on a character, do motion path animation, character work cycle, setup virtual camera, apply light and render the final work and composite for editing in Adobe Premiere Pro. This course prepares students for more Advance courses in character modelling and animation that treat complex animations such as facial rigging, lip-synching, motion capture and advance digital sculpting.


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